Online Teaching: Fundamentals of Instructional Design

Course Duration: Eight weeks, approximately six hours per week.

Audience: K-12 teachers.

Format: Four two-week web modules.

Module 1: Organizing Content

  • Backwards Design Basics
  • ADDIE Instructional Design Model
  • Other Instructional Design Models
  • Objectives
  • Choices and Chunking

Module 2: Selecting Content and Assessments

  • Open Source Content and Educational Resources
  • Online Tools for Collaboration, Presentation, and Assessment
  • Assessment Considerations

Module 3: Relationship between Course
Design and Instruction

  • Planning Instruction
  • Creating Multiple Paths Through Content
  • Selecting the Right Tools for the Job – Asynchronous Tools
  • Selecting the Right Tools for the Job – Synchronous Tools

Module 4:
Building the Course

  • Online Course Formats
  • Online Course Structure
  • Content Layout
  • Course Expectations

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