Online Teaching: Fundamentals of Instruction

Course Duration: Eight weeks, approximately six hours per week.

Audience: K-12 teachers.

Format: Four two-week web modules.

Module 1: Preparing to Teach the Course

  • Expectations and Roles
  • Security and Legal
  • Technical
  • Communication Plan
  • Tone and Voice

Module 2: Communicating with Students

  • Keep it Positive
  • Supporting Statements
  • Empathy Statements
  • Approval Statements
  • Neutral Correction

Module 3: Enriching Online Discussions

  • Diagnosing Discussions and Deepening the Dialogue
  • Problem Solving Approaches
  • Wrapping and Weaving

Module 4: Developing a Learning Community

  • Community building: 1st Steps
  • Community building: Ongoing
  • Collaboration Tools and Tips
  • Next Steps

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